Grand Castle Weddings

Castles are the grandest of places to hold a wedding in. The rich history and beautiful backdrops that surround a castle give the wedding a fairytale vibe. Once you have got a castle wedding venue, you need to think about properly decorating it. When it comes to dressing a castle up for your wedding, you must not try to do something that fights with the castle’s decor. This process can be extremely expensive and will most likely produce clashing decor that just won't have the wow factor. Rather, you need to plan your decor to go with the venue.

While deciding on the decor you must consider the castle interior's architecture, styling, and colour. You must be able to judge whether the castle colours are neutral or bright and see if the interior is filled with intricate patterns or is minimalist in design. As most castles are very colourful and intricate, you could use a neutral colour palette to bring out the beauty of your venue. A mixture of metallic, grey, mocha, and ivory is a timeless combination and will work for almost any venue. Once you have decided on the colour theme of your wedding, carry around paint samples with you everywhere, including your stylist, dressmaker, and cake baker. This will ensure that you get a consistent theme across your wedding. Interior decor that compliments the styling of the castle will help create a mystical look for your wedding.

Detailing is very important to a castle wedding. Refined and luxurious finishing touches are something that every grand castle beckons for. This can mean cut crystal glasses, Chiavari chairs, and gilt-edged crockery. You could even get elaborate centrepieces and exquisite candles to make the ambience of the wedding into something truly mesmerizing.